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In Memoriam: Dave Szulborski

In Memoriam: David S. “Dave” Szulborski
1958 - 2009

dave_sIt is with great sadness that we share the news that Dave Szulborski, a long time ARG community member and game designer, has passed away at the age of 51. He is survived by his wife Marianne and his son Tyler. Dave has attended many of the ARGFest-o-Con conferences over the years, and was the keynote speaker at last year’s event in Boston. Dave was in Las Vegas in 2003 for the first meet-up, complete with T-shirts and other giveaways for those in attendance. In total, he attended five of the eight events and was a featured panel speaker in New York, San Francisco and Boston. As we mourn for our friend, we are reminded of his involvement and support of this festival over the years, and we feel that the best way to recognize Dave for his contributions is to dedicate ARGFest-o-Con 2009 to his memory.

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