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Announcing the Official ARGFest-O-Con T-Shirt Design Contest

How it Works in Five Easy Steps:

1. Create your T-Shirt design – see the bits on Design Guidelines for more details.
2. Send us your designs for review.
3. Hope that your design makes it through the next round
3.a (optional) Send bribes to the ARGFest committee so they fight extra hard for your design. We hear SpaceBass likes pie, but he also fights like a girl. Choose wisely.
4. Vote on your favorite of the top three designs when they are posted to the ARGFest website.
5. Go to ARGFest where you will see your design printed on official ARGFest materials including the always popular Official ARGFest-o-Con T-Shirt which will be available for purchase and pickup at ARGFest.


Your Reward:

1st Place Winner:
  • Free admission to ARGFest
  • Free T-Shirt
  • Bragging Rights
2 runners up:
  • Free admission to Happy Hour
  • Free T-Shirt with that stupid winning design that was clearly not as good as yours… we know.
  • Bragging Rights that aren’t quite as good as the first place winner’s, but still… bragging rights.


Judging Criteria:

You can submit as many designs as you’d like, but if you get more than one design into the second round, you still only get one prize. Nice try, though.

First round judging:

The official ARGFest-o-Con planning committee will battle it out over their favorite designs using the following criteria:

  • Concept & Originality
  • Visibility – will the design look good on a t-shirt?
  • Ready for print – can we just send it to the printer as is without having to do anything to it?
  • Legality – stay away from other people’s trademarks
Second round judging:

The top three designs will be posted on the argfest-o-con website where everyone can vote on the winner.


Design Guidelines:

We’re looking for something fun & creative that really sums up ARGFest. Be sure to include:

1. ARGFest or ARGFest-o-con
2. the date: 2009, July 2009, or July 17-19, 2009
3. the where: Portland or Portland, OR


Submission Criteria:

The winning design will be:

1. printed on the front of the t-shirt only
2. five colors or less (but remember that fewer can be better! and cheaper!)
3. at least 200px resolution and, preferably, created using something like Adobe Illustrator which can do scalable vector graphics. If this makes no sense to you, try to find someone who can fix up your design and make it work – there are lots of talented folks in the ARG community who would probably love to help you out.

Once you’ve got that all worked out, save your design as a JPG or PNG and send it to us before May 25. Be sure to suggest a t-shirt color unless you want us to do that for you (and seriously, have you seen the way Jamesi dresses? Do you really want him to have some say on that?)


Tools to help make & show off your design…

  • T-Shirt Design Template
  • There are lots of available T-Shirt Colors, but we recommend sticking with Black, White, Natural, Red or Blue which seem to be the most popular choices
  • ARGFest Logo — Note: You don’t need to incorporate this in your design, but if you want to, here’s a high resolution image for you to use.


Good luck! We cannot wait to see what all you come up with!

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