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ARGFest-o-Con on Facebook, Twitter!

Are you an avid user of Twitter? Do you use Facebook? If your answer for both is an empathic “No!” then… seriously? Neither? Was your ox cart ride over here bumpy and lengthy? Do your arms ache from churning your own butter?


For those that found themselves answering “Yes!” for either (or both) of those questions, then you’re one step closer to ARGFest-o-Con, because we have set up our own Twitter profile, and have had a Facebook event group set up for us!

At, we’ve been sending out the occasional tweet, particularly when updates happen on the site. Those of you who follow us on Twitter will have yet another way of keeping tabs on our progress as we move ever closer to July, and anyone who was at ARGFest-o-Con 2008 in Boston can tell you how helpful Twitter was in organizing meet-ups and social engagements.

Meanwhile, the ever-so-helpful Martin Aggett has created an event page for ARGFest-o-Con at Facebook. The page allows you to RSVP and provides a space for Facebook users to share photos, send messages to one another, and other fun social networking stuff.

There are only 64 days until the event launches, and we can tell you that major announcements are coming sooner than later, so get on board with our social connections and make us a part of your lives! Let us complete you!

(Oh, by the way, here’s a gentle reminder that our early bird registration rate is good from now through May 23rd. Register early, save money! It’s a win-win!)

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