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Unce, Tice, Fee Times a Mady

With less than a month to go, have we mentioned how excited we’re getting about ARGFest-o-Con 2009? It’s all we can do not to use superfluous exclamation points! Pointlessly!

If you haven’t yet been sold on the idea of coming to ARGFest, maybe a couple of updates can convince you! Did you see that we’ve announced our Keynote Speaker, Jordan Weisman? Then why are you still reading and not registering immediately?! Sometimes you baffle us.

Afraid it might cost too much to stay in Portland for the weekend? Fear no further, for our venue hotel has graciously lowered our group rate to the insane starting price of just $119 per night! Don’t worry if you have already booked a room at our previously announced rates starting at $135 per night, we’ve got you covered too! Check out the updates to our hotel Booking page for details.

How can you beat that? If you were already planning on staying for the weekend, you just saved yourself almost $50 for a three-night visit! Heck, you might as well turn that profit around and support ARGFest by joining the Order of the Trout and for just ten of those measly smackers you’ve saved, you too could have your name up in lights as our honored benefactor!

In fact, with that kind of unexpected scratch in your pocket, you might as well sign up a second time, like SpaceBass did, and see what it’s like to be a part of A Tail of Two Trouts. Child’s play, you say? What if you joined a whopping THREE times and felt the power of Three Trouts Anchovy?

Rest assured, there is no level of Troutly donations for which we cannot produce an appropriate pun. We can go all day, with our Four on the Flounder! We just can’t promise those puns will be funny!

Okay, we should probably stop now.

Five Golden Prawns!!

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