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ARGFest Design Challenge

ARGFest 2010 planning is underway! We’re getting really excited about things and we want to share, but before we can do that - we need a website. Oh, sure, we could just go out and get ourselves any ol’ WordPress theme, but where’s the fun in that? We want something special & unique, something that stands out, something that tells the world to take us serious because we seriously know how to have fun. And, when we were thinking about what this site might be we knew that we wanted to throw it out to the community. We’ve seen some of your sites, we know what you can do. The questions is, can you do it for ARGFest?

So, here’s the deal. You have until October 1st to send us a design for the site. That’s a full three weeks three weeks away, so we know you’ll come up with something great. A decision will be made by October 5th and we want to have the site up by the end of October - giving another three weeks to polish up the design and get the site built. A schedule like that even leaves you time to catch up with your favorite ARG!

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

1) The theme of ARGFest is going to be Think, Play, Do! We will want icons for each of those and it’d be nice if the overall design had some think-y, play-y, do-y sort of feel to it (yeah, we don’t know what that means in a design, either… but smart, active, and fun might be a start)

2) We want the design be clean & simple and professional yet fun. It might help to take a look at other conference and/or festival sorts of websites to get a feel of what they do. Here are a few examples, mostly taken from recent twittering activity: PAX, Picnic, Power to the Pixel, SXSW.

3) The site uses WordPress, so the winning design will have to be converted into a WP Theme. That means experience with WordPress is a plus. It is not a requirement, though. If a design blows us away, we may be able to pair you up with someone able to make the templates or find an existing theme that could be modified. That said, if you’re experienced with Wordpress themes & templates, let us know! Depending on the design chosen, we may need you! (especially if you’ll be able to work on the theme in October)

4) While the vast majority of the site is run on WordPress, not all of it is. So we’ll need the design to be able to work outside of it.

5) It would be nice to have some of the elements of the site that we can use off of the web - for example, in templates for PDFs, powerpoint slides, and print materials. If you want to make a couple of comps with these things in mind, that’d be great!

We’ve put together a simple design document which contains the above plus a few extras - like a site map, which might help in any navigation design. Feel free to download it from here

So, you’ve got three weeks to flesh out some ideas and give us some mockups (details on how to do this will be available closer to the end of the month). If your design rocks the most, we’ll let you know on October 5 and then we’ve got about three more weeks to get it up on the web. We’ll be busy busting out the content for the site, but will do what we can to make your design happen (if that means sending you some virtual brownies as you pound out the theme and make the graphics all perfect or if it means helping you find someone to write the them and then sending you both virtual brownies, we’ll do it!) If all goes as planned, we’ll have the site up by late October. Yay!

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