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Host Sponsors

ARGFest-o-Con hosting and organization is provided by a joint partnership between Unfiction and ARGNet. ARGFest-o-Con is produced by Unfiction Inc.

Organizing Committee

The 2009 Directing Committee is attended by (unpaid) volunteers Brian Enigma, Daniël van Gool, Jackie Kerr, Marie Lamb, Steve Peters (emeritus), Matthew Schuler, Sean C. Stacey, David Tenenbaum, Brooke Thompson, and Jonathan Waite.

Order of the Trout

Order of the Trout

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  • Dee Cook
  • aliendial
  • sifaka
  • Pixie
  • W.T. Hatch
  • xnbomb
  • Michelle Senderhauf
  • Geoff May (the bruce)
  • Brian Enigma
  • Jackie Kerr
  • MrToasty
  • Celina Beach
  • Marie Lamb
  • Rowan
  • Dav Flamerock
  • Brooke Thompson
  • John W. Little
  • October
  • Jonathan Waite
  • Ouroboros
  • Ralph Loizzo
  • Elan Lee
  • Michael Andersen
  • Daniël van Gool
  • Steve Diddle
  • Roxanne Olsen
  • Agent Lex
  • SpaceBass
  • Ariock
  • Greg Krohne
  • Fubarz
  • Jim Babb
  • Chris Morgan (Oraclle)
  • Jay Bushman

Order of the Trout Times Two!

A Tail of Two Trouts

  • Roxanne Olsen
  • SpaceBass
  • Agent Lex
  • Geoff May (the bruce)

Order of the Trout Times Ten!

Smells Like Dix Poissons

  • Steve Diddle

Order of the Trout Times Twenty-Five!

Shad and a Hawkfish, Two Spots

  • Daniël van Gool


Private/Corporate Sponsors

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Visit konamouse’s Blog, Holly in Balad.

In Honor of Dave Szulborski


PLEXSYS Interface Products Inc.
4900 NW Camas Meadows Drive
Camas, WA

360.838.2500 tel
360.838.2550 fax


Contact: info@campfirenyc.com

62 White Street, 3W
New York, NY 10013

p 212.612.9600
f 212 625 9255



Contingency Foundation
The Contingency Foundation


East Texas Video…. It’s really just a day job for Jeromy Barber.
All the fun happens at 12th Street House!


Marie Lamb



The Institute for Human Continuity

Jonathan G. Stacey


ARGFest-o-Con 2009 Legacy Sponsor

42 Entertainment
Sponsorship assistance from 42 Entertainment was instrumental in our ability to hold ARGFest in Boston in 2008. Major props to 42.

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