Order of the Trout

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So you want to join the auspicious ranks of the Order of the Trout? It’s simple, just enter your ARGFest-o-Con Registration Confirmation Code below, then click the Trout to send $10 via PayPal with your existing account or any major credit card.

You should have received your ARGFest-o-Con Registration Confirmation Code upon your successfully paid registration. If you don’t intend to register, just enter your name or a nickname by which you’d like to be listed on the Sponsors Page.

If you plan to register but just haven’t yet, kindly make a note in the optional comments section of the following payment form (on the “Review your Payment” page, click “Add special instructions for the Merchant”) and we’ll contact you later via the email address associated with your PayPal payment.

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Note: It may take up to 48 hours for your Troutly status to be recognized on the site. Longer if we’ve been drinkering.

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