ARGFest T-Shirt Design Contest (polls closed)

The submissions are in and after a long heated battle the ARGFest 2009 committee members have narrowed it down to just three nominees. And, the nominees are…

in no particular* order….

And the winner is….

To be decided by you! That’s right. You! (and all of the other people who come to the site and vote between now and July 1st**). So be careful, be thoughtful, and vote on the t-shirt that you deem worthy to carry the title of The Official ARGFest-o-Con 2009 T-Shirt.

(Voting is now closed & results will be posted shortly. Thanks for voting!)

* ok, so you caught us… they’re in alphabetical order. But they always say no particular order in the awards shows and we wanted to be all fancy sounding and it’s not like ARGers would ever note these things. Right?

** July 1st being 11:59pm on June 30th or as soon as one of us remembers to turn off the voting after that which will probably actually be the morning of the 1st and, hopefully, sometime before the meeting that night.

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Hey Scorsese! I got your video contest right here!

For the first time in the history of ARGFest-o-Con, we are hosting a video contest. Here are the details, for all of those aspiring filmmakers out there:

Concept: Create a video based on an alternate reality game. Really.

(1) The video should be no more than six minutes in length. Any more and it’d be a stretch to get in.
(2) The content should be related to alternate reality gaming. This includes (but is not limited to) a depiction of an in-game development, a re-imagining of an existing video from an ARG, or a summary of a live event. Please, no documentaries. Mockumentaries are cool, though.
(3) Keep it clean — we will be featuring the videos on our web site and through our YouTube channel, and we have a few kids who may or may not want to watch.
(4) Nothing illegal in the video, please.
(5) Keep it creative! The more awesome your video, the better your chances of being shown at ARGFest!

Read all about the fabulous prizes and how you can submit your video after the jump.

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Announcing the Official ARGFest-O-Con T-Shirt Design Contest

How it Works in Five Easy Steps:

1. Create your T-Shirt design – see the bits on Design Guidelines for more details.
2. Send us your designs for review.
3. Hope that your design makes it through the next round
3.a (optional) Send bribes to the ARGFest committee so they fight extra hard for your design. We hear SpaceBass likes pie, but he also fights like a girl. Choose wisely.
4. Vote on your favorite of the top three designs when they are posted to the ARGFest website.
5. Go to ARGFest where you will see your design printed on official ARGFest materials including the always popular Official ARGFest-o-Con T-Shirt which will be available for purchase and pickup at ARGFest.

There are rewards, too! Just click here to find out more

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